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IBBM(Who we are)
  • IBBM is an incorporated association under the PNG Associations Incorporation Act as an Association of Members
  • It is a Not-For-Profit organization.
  • It is an accredited Institute of Higher Education in PNG.
  • It is a Registered School under the PNG Education Act, a listed ‘place of tertiary education’ under Section 9B of the PNG Income Tax Act Regulations.
  • It is a Registered Training Provider (Certificate # NTC 001) under the PNG National Training Council Act.
  • It is ISO 9001 certified in Quality Management Systems.
  • Commencing as Bankers’ College in 1965, to provide structured training programs for PNG banking professionals, the Institute of Banking and Business Management became an incorporated body under the Associations Incorporation Act in 1974. In 1998, to encompass the broad range of training and development courses introduced to enhance professional knowledge and skills in all aspects of administration, business and management, it adopted its present constitution and name. In 2008 it adopted the business name IBBM Corporate Training.
  • IBBM is the longest established private sector training organization in PNG and is recognized as the Nation’s most prestigious provider of pragmatic, cost-effective training in administrative, finance, banking, commerce, supervisory and management skills since 1965.
  • The Institute is committed to enhancing the knowledge and skills of the people of Papua New Guinea towards improving personal performance, work and career opportunities, organizational productivity, and the achievement of National development goals. Accordingly we continually strive to maintain the finest quality of client service.
  • It is a leader in provision of capacity building programs to both the PNG workforce through Corporate Training and PNG Small and Medium Enterprises through the PNG LNG Enterprise Centre. These two important capacity building programs come under IBBM Corporate Training Division and the IBBM Enterprise Centre respectively.

IBBM has three Strategic Business Units as registered business names.

  • IBBM Corporate Training
  • IBBM Enterprise Centre
  • PNG Management College

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