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The proposed new auditorium for the institute of banking and business management at  the vanama crescent campus.

  • This is a 250 seat auditorium to be built next to the enterprise centre. Entry will be from the existing car park. There is a small lobby with a registration desk.

  • The existing Conference Room in the Enterprise Centre can also be used as a staging area.

  • The tiered seats will be upholstered with tablet arms. Our drawings show 218 audience seats.
    Advanced audio-visual equipment will be installed. Comments from the audience will be with a cordless microphone.

  • Entry to the auditorium proper is at mid-level. This means the upper seats can be roped off when a smaller audience is expected. The stage or platform in front will allow for speakers or panel discussions.

  • There is an internal stairway to access the stage area directly. We have external steps and footpath from the upper car park to the Terrace. Wheelchair access can be gained from the lower car park and up a ramp to the Terrace, where there is a door to the Auditorium.
  • The total number of parking spaces will be about 65, not including the area for the new residential units. The new car park will be gravel only, in anticipation of future development. The future plans call for a two level building constructed above the car park. The landscaped Terrace will be built on fill and serve as a conversational area. It will provide access to the Toilets. Also under the seating area will be small Kitchen and Bar. The currently vacant area will be a new lower car park accessed by an existing concrete ramp.



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