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STUDY OPTIONS IBBM On-campus Workshops


COURSE STUDY REQUIREMENTS 10 hours study required per subject, per week, during a trimester.

ASSESSMENTS Written Assignments

FEES 2021 PGK 2500 for Registration and PGK 3500 per subject

ACCREDITING BODY : This course is accredited by the Australian Marketing Institute. 

Torrens University Australia is registered as a self-accrediting Australian university by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). TEQSA is Australia’s regulatory and quality agency for higher education with the primary aim to ensure students receive a quality education at Australian higher education providers.

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A Bachelor of Business in Marketing provides you with the skills to engage and influence customers, develop brand loyalty programs and execute strategic campaigns. A marketing degree delivers key information on how to enhance core business knowledge with marketing practices, using an eye for industry trends, responsibilities, needs and opportunities. You’ll graduate job-ready with a strong body of business knowledge and marketing ability.

This degree builds a strong understanding of business principles while you learn marketing theories, practice and the role that marketing plays in the success of contemporary organisations. This degree has been developed in consultation with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) to ensure you’re taught the most relevant and up-to-date information. This course also involves industry work placement where you will gain hands-on experience that complements your theoretical knowledge.

A minimum of a High School Certificate from a recognised PNG or Australian Year 12 equivalent and IELTS (or equivalent) score of 6.0 minimum (Academic Module) or above, with no skills band less than 5.5 and a demonstrated ability to undertake study at this level. Demonstration can be provided by evidence of work experience, and/or other formal, informal or non-formal study attempted and/or completed

If your High School Certificate was not taught in English, please attach evidence to indicate that you have an IELTS score of 6.0. In addition, applicants must also have at least three years of relevant work experience.

If you do not hold a High School Certificate you may be eligible to apply for entry to Higher Ed. Diploma based on work experience.  Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.  You must attach certified copies of your qualifications and CV or resume outlining required work experience and other formal or informal qualifications and certificates for your application to be processed.

All documents must be in English.

These six core subjects must be completed. Additionally, you're required to select two 100 level electives from the electives tab.

  1. Business Communications | BIZ101
  2. Understanding People and Organisations | BIZ102
  3. Customer Experience Management | BIZ104
  4. Consumer Behaviour | MKG102
  5. Marketing Fundamentals | MKT101A
  6. Integrated Marketing Communications | MKT103A
  1. These five core subjects must be completed. Additionally, you're required to select two 100 level electives and one 200 level elective from the electives.

    1. Accounting for Decision Making | BIZ201
    2. The Business Environment | BIZ202
    3. Business-2-Business Marketing | MKG201
    4. Digital Marketing Communications | MKG203
    5. Marketing and Audience Research | MKT202A
  1. These five core subjects must be completed. Additionally, you're required to select two 100 level electives and one 300 level elective from the electives.

    1. Organisational Creativity and Innovation | BIZ301
    2. Industry Consulting Project | IND301A
    3. Ethics and Sustainability | MGT301A
    4. Marketing Strategy | MKT301A
    5. Marketing Consulting Project | MKG302

Choose eight elective subjects below.

Year 1 - two 100 level.
Year 2 - two 100 level, one 200 level.
Year 3 - two 100 level, one 300 level.

  1. Event Concepts and Design | EVT101A
  2. Introduction to Sport Management | SPO101
  3. Sports Marketing | SPO102
  4. Understanding Public Relations | PRN101
  5. Introduction to PR Writing | PRN102A
  6. Event Management and Operations | EVT201A
  7. Wedding Planning | EVT204A
  8. Sports Events | EVT206A
  9. Event Venue Management | EVT207A
  10. Project Management | MGT201A
  11. Content Creation for Social Media | PRL201
  12. Advanced PR Writing | PRL202
  13. Corporate Communications | PRL203
  14. Sports Law | SPO201
  15. Managing Teams | SPO202
  16. Managing Sports Facilities | SPO203
  17. Events Policy and Strategy | EVN301
  18. Strategic Management | MGT302A
  19. International Public Relations | PRN303A
  20. Health and Advocacy Strategies | SPO301
  21. Management Leadership and Professional Practice | COMR2000
  22. Business Information Systems | COMR2002
  23. Principles of Economics | ECON2002
  24. Business Law | LAW2000
  25. Quantitative Analysis | STAT2000