COURSE LENGTH:  Full-time 3 year

FEES: PGK 2750 for Registration and PGK 3800 per unit


Analytics Institute of Australia is registered as an Independent Higher Education Institute by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). TEQSA is Australia’s regulatory and quality agency for higher education with the primary aim to ensure students receive a quality education at Australian higher education providers.


The Bachelor of Analytics prepares students with the knowledge and skills to evaluate and apply different analytic tools to support decision making, including for organisational transformation. Students will have hands-on training in the use of different analytics tools, to optimise data assets, and to utilise predictive analytics to enhance business strategy and returns.

In this course, you will learn to gather and prepare data, extracting their meaning, to shape business strategy. You will gain skills in the use of analytical tools and techniques, to discover how data analytics can be applied in marketing, accounting, human resources management, logistics, manufacturing – just some examples of how business decisions can be disrupted by data-driven insights. For professionals looking to the future, now is the time to invest in learning the language of data.

AIA - SAS Joint Certification

The Analytics Institute of Australia offers the Bachelor of Business Transformation as a dual qualification. Nested within the Bachelor’s degree is an Academic Specialism of SAS. This means that upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Business Transformation, AIA graduates are also issued with a SAS Certificate and Credly Badge.

By using SAS in this course, AIA graduates will receive SAS certification as part of their qualification

  • Age 18 and above.
  • Successful completion of PNG Year 12 .
  • Preferrable to have GPA higher than 2.25 or AQF 5 Diploma equivalent.
Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
BUS101 The Macro-environment in Business - 10 Core K3800
ANA101 Fundamentals of Business Statistics - 10 Core K3800
BUS103 Strategic Management - 10 Core K3800
WIL102 Work Integrated Learning (Foundations)   - 10 Core K3800
Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
BUS102 Fundamentals of Management      - 10 Core K3800
ANA102 Tools for Data Exploration - 10 Core K3800
ANA103 Data Analytics Fundamentals - 10 Core K3800
ANA104 Database for Business Intelligence   - 10 Core K3800


Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
ANA105 Data Analytics with R - 10 Core K3800
BUS201 Disruption and the Fourth Industrial Revolution  - 10 Core K3800
ANA201 Statistical Applications in Data Science ANA101 10 Core K3800
ANA203 Data Wrangling and Analysis with Python ANA101, ANA103 10 Core K3800


Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
ANA204 Predictive Analytics     ANA101, ANA103 10 Core K3800
BUS203 Project Management - 10 Core K3800
BUS205 Digital Ethics - 10 Core K3800
ANA202 Visual Analytics ANA101, ANA102   10 Core K3800


Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
BUS304 Communication and Data Storytelling   *ANA202   10 Core K3800
ANA301 Social Media Analytics ANA103 10 Core K3800
ANA303 Analytics Project 1   ANA101, ANA105, ANA202, ANA204     10 Core K3800
EP201 E-Portfolio A -   10 Core K3800

* Preferrred preceding unit

Unit Pre-requisite     Credit Points Core/Elective     Fee
ANA304 Analytics Project 2 ANA101, ANA105, ANA203, ANA204  10 Core K3800
ANA302 Consumer Analytics     ANA103 10 Core K3800
EP301 E-Portfolio B - 10 Core K3800
WIL302 Work Integrated Learning (Capstone)  All Level 1 and 2 units 10 Core K3800