The IBBM Enterprise Centre was established in March 2010 for the PNG LNG Project to provide capacity building services to PNG's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

1. Business Assessment Services: The Enterprise Center has in place a business assessment method and team to evaluate PNG companies in terms of business structure, operations, systems and processes to achieve the objective of identifying skills gaps an d provide relevant capacity building programs. Evaluations are conducted on the demand of the PNG LNG Project by Business Development Specialists as prepare defined process, across key elements of business management. Result: 3 STAR rating is given to assessed businesses.

2. Business Advisory and Mentoring Services: The business advisory and mentoring services cover identified deficiencies in the areas of administration, business operations, accounting, Human Resource Management (HRM), personnel and access to finance. The objective is to ensure that those PNG companies identified and selected to work with the PNG LNG Project must perform sustainable businesses above a minimum standard.

4. Business Assessment Magazine : The Enterprise Center publishes the profiles of assessed PNG companies in a Business Assessment Magazine bi-annually. This publication is highly sought by the procurement teams of resource companies.

5. Project Information Centre: The Enterprise Center provides to PNG Companies facilities to enhance communication about the , fully equipped Meeting Rooms available to facilitate communication between PNG selected companies and PNG LNG Contractors or Sub-contractors Information Center dedicated to the communication on PNG LNG Project and business opportunities Internet, phones and printing and copy room The objective is to establish and enhance communication between PNG LNG Project stakeholders.

6.PNG Employment and Supplier Database:The IBBM EnterpriseCentrehostsPNG’s largest, online and validated database of PNG companies in the country. It connects PNG suppliers to Business Opportunities and job seekers to employment.

6.SME Leadership Awards :The IBBM Enterprise Centre hosts SME Leadership Awards to recognize and honor the best performing PNG SMEs in a bi-annual award event. Awards are given on 8 assessed categories and Best Women SME.

ACHIEVEMENTS 2016 - About 2873 days of trainings were completed in the second half of 2016, bringing the total number of training man-days to 5763 for the full year. Trainings for Lancos and Women Owned businesses declined toward the 2H of the year as most of the allocated budget was used up in the first half of 2016 and business activities were winding down toward the festive season.

As part of capacity building and strengthening the management capabilities of Lancos, ExxonMobil PNG Ltd through the Enterprise Centre is sponsoring directors and senior management of major Lancos for the Torrens University Australia MBA program during the 2H16. One Lanco director is already attending MBA classes and two more are expected to participate in this program in 2017.

Seventeen business assessments were conducted during the second half of 2016 including one Lanco, bringing the total to thirty eight for the full year. It was good to see many women owned or majority women owned companies participating in this program.

The Enterprise Centre’s business assessments help suppliers to identify gaps in their business processes and develop business improvement plans to strengthen their management and operational capabilities.  Since the Centre’s establishment in 2010, 454 business assessments have been completed and over 28,900 training days delivered.  Demand for business advisory and mentoring services also increased during the second half, with more businesses seeking assistance from the Centre in the areas of business and financial management, corporate governance and business improvement plans.  More than 98 advisory and mentoring hours were delivered over 12 days in the second half of the year.  To date, over 1232 advisory and mentoring days have been provided for Papua New Guinean businesses.

More than 280 entrepreneurs were assisted through information workshops and the use of workstations and business meeting facilities in the second half of 2016.  The Enterprise Centre has supported more than 18,200 Papua New Guinean entrepreneurs to date.

By the end of December, over 550 job vacancies were entered into the PNG Employment and Supplier Database and 40 approved suppliers were registered.  The Database was developed to connect job seekers with job opportunities, and businesses with business opportunities, from projects outside of PNG LNG.