Certified Professional Banker

Chartered Banker Qualifications brought to you in partnership with FINSIA


The Certified Professional Banker supports deeper skills development in specific functions including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk.

This pathway  is suitable for people in mid-level management roles or ideal for anyone who is looking to specialise in a wide range of banking areas including Business Banking, Consumer Credit, and Risk Management for Banking.


  • Develop sound ethical decision-making skills, professional and technical standards giving you the confidence to achieve the best outcomes for your customers. The program also explores the key principles of ethical behaviour and provides tools to help you apply them in your work environment.
  • This course was developed for the Australasian market in association with the Chartered Banker Institute (UK) - the only body in the world able to confer the status of Chartered Banker.
  • Certified Professional Banker is designed for ambitious individuals looking to take their career to the next level, specialise and branch out in Business Banking, Consumer Credit and Risk Management for Banking.


Internationally recognised - Internationally recognised professional qualification that is an alternative entry point into the Chartered Banker Pathway.

Up to 12 months per module - The structure of the program has been based on a student commitment of up to 120 hours per module.

Stand-alone modules - Modules can be completed on a stand alone basis by those who do not want the full Certified Professional Banker qualification.

Online flexibility - All modules are delivered online which means you can start anytime and complete it at your own pace in your own time.

Awarded by Chartered Banker Institute (UK) - The only body in the world able to confer the status of Chartered Banker and developed for the Australian market by FINSIA.

Made for Australia - Developed for Australian Market in partnership with the Chartered Banker Institute and close consultation with senior industry practitioners.


No educational or experience requirements. However, to take the pathway, it  is recommended to complete the Professional Banking Fundamentals first.


For 2021, Fees is K10,400 for all Units of this course.


The Professional Banking Fundamentals is the initial entry point to the Chartered Banker Pathway. It is considered the foundation qualification that most banking employees should seek, providing the knowledge to critically analyse banking concepts and apply professional judgement and expertise to make informed decisions in the banking and finance industry.

  • To be a Certified Professional Banker, you will need to take one (1) mandatory module and two (2) elective modules in any order. You may purchase one module at a time.
  • Each Module takes 4-8 months
  1. Business Banking -Gain a comprehensive understanding of business banking customers together with the key features and principles of the products and services offered by banks to business customers.
  2. Consumer Credit-Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the key features and principles of complex consumer lending offered by banks to help customers meet their financial goals and needs.
  3. Risk Management for Banking- Evaluate the impact of current trends and influences on the types of risk to which banks are exposed due to the nature of their activities, and the implications of emerging risks for effective risk management.


ABOUT FINSIA (www.finsia.com)

Chartered Banker Qualifications  brought to you in partnership with FINSIA

FINSIA is the professional not-for-profit membership body for financial services.

FINSIA has approximately 8000 members in Australia & New Zealand covering banking, institutional markets, funds management and securities including financial advice. FINSIA’s purpose, since 1886 is to help facilitate the industry to professionalise for the betterment of our community. This supports raising standards of competency and conduct to improve consumer trust and individual practitioner pride.

The Financial Services Institute of Australasia's origins date back to 1886 when the Australian Institute of Banking and Finance was established by a group of bankers to drive improvements in professional practice and high standards of conduct. Members of FINSIA are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, which is supported by a robust disciplinary process.

FINSIA has a range of professional qualifications covering key areas of financial services. These cater for practitioners new to the sector, as well as experienced leaders who wish to convert years of experience into becoming a globally recognised Chartered Banker.